GCCIA is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment that is provided and maintained for all GCCIA employees, contractors, consultants, and visitors. Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) shall be given equal priority with all other business objectives.

GCCIA management accepts responsibility for the effective implementation of this Occupational Health & Safety Policy and will provide systems, training, supervision and visible support to ensure a safe work environment.

To achieve this, GCCIA shall:

  1. Provide employees with the appropriate work methods, work areas, premises and plant that are safe, and meet all legal requirements, and other requirements as applicable, thereby reducing the risk of injury, accidents and damage;
  2. Give due consideration to issues of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) in all stages of planning, design and construction, and to incorporate systems to eliminate or control hazards;
  3. Ensure employees and contractors/consultants` personnel are competent and suitably skilled to undertake the duties for which they are employed in a productive and safe manner;
  4. Continue to develop continuous programs of education and training, to enhance skills and increase Occupational Health & Safety awareness;
  5. Promptly and completely investigate, correct and report all accidents, incidents and hazardous situations and/or conditions. Ensure management and the work force understand and accept their health and safety responsibilities, and are held accountable for those matters within their control;
  6. Collectively support and participate in the promotion of pro-active safety management systems involving employees and other personnel, and strive for continual improvement through effective audit and evaluation programs;
  7. Only engage competent sub-contractors/consultants who can demonstrate safety management systems, which complement GCCIA’s own high standards;
  8. To provide the appropriate emergency response systems, equipment and appropriate first aid facilities and training to all;
  9. To ensure consultation and participation of all workers, and, where applicable, their workers’ representatives.
  10. To ensure employees and other personnel will abide by GCCIA safety requirements.