The objectives of the Authority are to:

  1. Maximize returns from all services
  2. Fund future growth plans in electricity trading, telecom, and consultancy
  3. Maintaining reliability of the Grid
  4. Expand the volume of electricity trading within the GCC
  5. Expand GCCIA’s telecom scope of services
  6. Leverage GCCIA’s expertise across functions to offer consulting services
  7. Explore new market interconnection possibilities
  8. Plan the interconnection into new markets
  9. Continuously enhance collaboration between GCC utilities and fostering best practices
  10. Become a bigger part of the decision making process on regional power planning
  11. Demonstrate and share GCCIA’s capabilities, knowledge, thought leadership, and benefits to regional utilities to establish greater understanding of GCCIA’s purpose
  12. Continuously improve design, operation, and maintenance of GCCIA’s system
  13. Set up systems necessary for trading
  14. Set up systems necessary for providing telecom services
  15. Set up systems necessary for providing consulting services
  16. Become a preferred employer in the region within the power sector
  17. Develop a structured and continuous career development program
  18. Position HC as a strategic partner
  19. Recognize and reward top performers
  20. Promote a unified culture in alignment with the overall strategy